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Some peptide solution is slightly turbid (eg. HGH Fragment 176-191, Sermorelin). It is their normal and natural property determined by their structure, not about any flaw. If it happens that the peptides in solution immediately after dilution completely dissolved (float tiny suspended particles / fragments), first make sure that you have added to the tube at a sufficient amount of the solution (1-2 ml). In some cases, the contents within the ampoule is completely dissolved in the solution up to the next 24 hours. Nevertheless, you can also still completely insoluble content. It is safe, functional and is in no way contaminated. Peptide manufacturers indicate that the difference in efficiency did not change significantly due to the very small amount of remaining completely still undissolved peptide in solution.

Moisture, fillers and additives play an important role in the bulkiness of the lyophilized powder. Where the lyophilized powder contains no filler, it is less likely that the peptides will appear bulky. The more moisture in the freeze-drying process, the peptide is bulkier look and the easier it will dissolve. If the drying process is eliminated the majority of the residual moisture, the peptides are reduced and will appear to be a close or tight clusters of balls. This is the best condition for long-term storage. With proper storage temperature (-20 ° C) with no moisture or oxygen the remaining freeze-dried peptides stable up to a decade. Without built-in humidistat may be difficult to develop their structure or dissolve them.

Short chain peptides, with very little tertiary structure are not brittle (e.g. GHRP-2, GHRP-6, ipamorelin, ModGRF 1-29). ModGRF 1-29 peptide is produced with a modification 4, 2 of which it resistant during synthesis. As a result of these adjustments is not mentioned peptide very fragile. Peptide Sermorelin is more fragile and peptide CJC-1295 DAC + is fragile position in the lysine linker.

Each amino acid has unique properties that determine how it will behave in relation to water. The peptides can thus more or less attract or repel water. Some peptides have a tendency to retain more residual water in the freeze-drying process and act accordingly visually bulky. Peptides that visually appear to be less bulk are more likely to adhere to a glass vial. Reconstitution of their solution is much more demanding.