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Steroids are administered over a period of so-called. cycles, i.e., certain number of weeks and are given equal or greater number of weeks, do not use. The logical approach is required to achieve maximum effect, as well as the maximum health. It is essentially a 'clean' androgen receptors in the body to restore natural testosterone production, editing, liver and other organs.

Generally, the period of the AS-cycling should be:
 - rather longer in training volume
 - rather less in speed-power disciplines
 - for beginners rather shorter

It starts at 3 weeks and gradually add to the length, but not more than 8 weeks. In extreme cases, when multiple repeat cycle used 12-week cycles. Longer term continuous administration is particularly effective when the plant which can induce overgrowth of myofibrils, but only in an increase in overall health prevention and control.

 - women rather shorter, probably around 4 weeks (longer application time can induce virilising effects)

The breaks between cycles are:
 - at 3-week cycle pause is about 4-7 weeks, ie about 4-5 cycles per year
 - at 4-6-week cycle is 8 weeks interval, ie about 3-4 cycles per year
 - in the 12-week cycle pause is about 12 weeks, ie about 2 cycles per year

The cycles are practiced in many different ways applications AS:
 - the shooting - a technique "trial and error"
 - mixing - mixing different types of steroids
 - accumulation - more concomitant drugs
 - narrowing - a gradual reduction of income AS deployment preparations to restore natural body functions (Proviron, clomid, HCG)

The inclusion of the very first cycle are generally used smaller doses. Very good results are achieved men at doses of about 10-15 mg / day in the top, the women around 4-5 mg / day. In subsequent cycles, the dose and gradually increase to a current health check (at least liver function tests).

In AS androgen type (ie preparations related to male sex hormones) in general:
 - anabolic effect usually occurs already at a dose of about 2mg / day
 - Men highest effect, when in the cycle average dose of about 30 mg / day, 0.25 to 0.35 mg / kg. When this number is high anabolic effect and quite acceptable health risk in terms of athlete - male.
 - terms virilising risk women would not exceed a dose of 3-5 mg / day for preparations with strong virilizing effects and preparations for that poor virilising may come to the 10-20 mg / day
 - generally single maximum daily dose for men on average for around 0.5 to 1 mg / kg / day in the apex. But here there is no significant health risk.

Higher doses (like those above) produces an anabolic effect only slightly larger. At doses above 1 mg / kg was found to increase the anabolic effect, but very quickly adding health risk and profitability of who the preparation (with recommended treatment group) sold. That's right: higher doses are not effective, optimum is 30-50mg per day. Use of 700-1200 mg / day is nonsense! This "kamikaze style" only leads to two results:

 - you block intracellular androgen receptors, ie the place where the muscle receives the command for growth 

 - gamble with their own health

In practice, the result is tested with oxymetholone (guaranteed by laboratory analysis) started at 2-5 mg every day and add 2 mg. The peak was at 14 days at 30-35mg. The increase was 7 kg, with creatine supercompensation another 1 kg. Even if you took 1200 mg, have achieved higher growth (in theory you should reach forty times ie 280-320 kg). The result of this test supported the claim that the body probably is not able to absorb more than 300 mg of steroids daily by the oral route. Higher doses need to inject.

When choosing a specimen is taken into account:
 - it is always better combination of several types of products (the lower reaches health risk
     and massive anabolic effect), usually steroids synergize each other. Moreover
     Some steroids probably act on some muscles more than others to
 - strong antigonadotrofíny are classified either cycle or the second (downward)
     half men, if they are used, with a tendency flavored preparations, included in the first
     half cycle. They are then in the middle of the cycle suddenly withdrawn. Conversely, in the  second half of the cycle, flavoring substances shall be included little or no
 - women, when used, preparations with a tendency to virilisation and progestogen is included in the first half cycle. In the second half-cycle of the substance will be used, where these effects are minimized.

The most common dosage of AS converts the total amount received mg weekly. The question of course is how far the recipient is capable of steroids go, so much risk. Because it is clear that the higher the dose taken, the greater risk is issued. Many big guys trying to eliminate harmful effects of deploying more light steroids (such as deca-durabolin, Equipos, Primobolan, oxandrolone). But there are also those who take risks and take more harsh steroids as testosterone esters (anadrol, dianabol).

Anyone can set a weekly dose of 800 mg. If the whole 800 mg taken in the form of testosterone, risking much more harmful effects than if they used the 250 mg of testosterone in combination with 550 mg deca, which is much safer steroid.

About it, how much can a person chooses depends essentially only on the individual's willingness to take risks. Although it but everyone has to accept some risk associated with different size lots. Quite many beginners tested about 200 mg / week. Achieve much more experienced dose of about 2000 mg / week, ie ten times more. Even some of the names associated with the use of 5000 mg / week, though of course it's already wasted preparation and finances.

For beginners, it is best effective dose range of 200-400 mg / week. Experienced achieve good results in the 700-900 mg / week. Unfortunately, the side effects of steroids (such as gynaecomastia ...) often occur even at 750 mg / week. That does not mean that adverse effects can occur with much smaller doses, but their presence here is not so common.