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Therapeutic applications: Pituitary Nanism children before the end of the growth phase (ie, before closing growth plates), Turner's syndrome, will be tested in patients with hypopituitarism, to promote healing of severe fractures.

Description: It is a paradox that this definitely means the most expensive is the most discussed and pharmaceutical products with which to illegally athletes increase their performance. It is generally accepted that growth hormones are abused en masse in almost every sports industry due to their absolute can not be detected in doping controls. Of course, that depends on the way abuse the sports industry and the effect it wants diversionary doping with GH achieve. Clearly, however, we can say that among bodybuilders is very popular as in the bulk preparation, as well as in preparation for the competition. There are proponents and opponents of the facility - some say that it represents compensation for anabolic-androgenic steroids wherever requirements are large and strong muscle, others support the idea of absolute inefficiency in processes improving athletic performance. Both groups, however, admit that the athlete's body for a STH greatest risk, since the damage caused by this means it may be permanent.
What is growth hormone? It is a hormone-polypeptide composed of 191 amino acids. Is produced by the pituitary gland - after training, stress, low blood sugar, but also during sleep. GH itself has no direct effect, but stimulates the liver to produce a secretion of insulin-like growth factors and somatomedin to produce the necessary changes in the body. The liver is not limited opportunity to produce these substances, so their effect is limited. By the mid 80th STH years gained a very difficult and costly extraction from the pituitary glands of corpses, and later began to produce biotechnological synthesis Escherochia coli - K12 strain, transformation of mammalian cells - mouse (cell line C 127), a biosynthetically using recombinant DNA technology. From the observation of the application of human GH produced material can result in the creation Creutzfeld-Jakobsonovho syndrome (manifested after an incubation period of many years) in the therapeutic practice used mainly synthetically generated funds.
Misuse of funds STH is based on several arguments, which are usually validated and subsequently denied. One of them is a powerful anabolic effect manifesting itself in situations of protein synthesis, resulting in significant muscle hypertrophy lives (bunkv increase muscle) and muscle hyperplazmia (increase of muscle cells) unattainable abuse anabolic-androgenic steroids. In addition, highlights its ability to significantly reduce the size of adipose tissue and application of STH is reportedly seen in consolidation works tendons, sinews, cartilage and bone, which has been appreciated especially by those Doping consumers, who together with him and abusing anabolic-androgenic steroids inducing surge of power. In this case, there apparently is very little likelihood of injury even when using extreme training loads. However, there are several statements doping consumers (who admitted to abuse STH), which resonates particularly deep disappointment of the application of this very precious resource. Their failures tend to be downplayed and rationalized and justified in most short-term or low-dose application, a single application of MET (from information published on STH clear that its effects are reportedly much more pronounced in combination with anabolic-androgenic steroids, as well as insulin, thyroid hormone L-T3 a strong anti-catabolic operating funds - eg. clenbuterol hydrochloride), optionally applying counterfeit STH. Those who can not commit to the MET, in his statements to confirm one interesting fact - unlike anabolic-androgenic steroid abuse in GH after its withdrawal there is almost no drop in power, or a loss of muscle mass. This "experience" indirectly confirmed by one of the study devoted to the MET, which shows that the application of GH, the increase of muscle cells. STH or abuse may not be without side effects. It is true that in its application it is not elevated estrogen gynekomostia, reducing endogenous testosterone production, acne, hair loss, increased retention of salt and water etc. The main danger is a possible significant reduction in hyperglycemia and thyroid function, enlarged heart and internal organs, acromegaly and gigantism, but only if the consumer for doping yet closed bone growth cartilage. Recently, however, appear information also that, for long-term massive administration of GH, there is also the possibility of initiation leukemia. In addition, it should be noted that none of doping abuses of consumers STH alone, but usually in combination with other pharmaceutical agents. Then the risk of side effects may multiply greatly and is really hard to tell what is waiting for these athletes.

Abused benefits: The available material shows that the size and duration of abuse benefits applications is very diverse, but mostly limited - finances. And doping sinners know it very well. Who is willing to sacrifice them in large quantities, abusive STH long and relatively high doses of who has less, usually this option to defer the period shortly before the competition, when STH is to maintain muscle size after discontinuation of anabolic-androgenic steroids. Doping consumers who recognize that in preparation for the competition abused STH, now seem to agree on several points:
- The favorable effects of GH application are determined dose rate (half attempts are doomed to failure).
- The results of applications are better to-day amount not applied at once, but in several divided doses.
- The period during which applies STH, drop below 6 weeks (its effect does not decrease even after long-term effect, and after several months of application to produce the desired effect, the same dose is sufficient to start the application).
If you are looking for a response to the daily dose, and the materials available for the actual minimum is considered daily application including 4-8 STH.

Form: Ampoules of dried substrate containing 4-36 IU means.