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Insufficient supply of quality food is often the reason why bodybuilders do not make any visible progress. What is the best use of the training schedule, taking anabolic steroids long enough relaxation time when the body does not have the proper nutrients in sufficient quantity. Intensive trénujúci builder has definitely increased consumption of quality nutrients, which are compounded by Current use of anabolic steroids. Sufficient intake of quality nutrients rapidly increasing effect for each steroid cure because steroids show their full effect only when the body is supplied the necessary amount of calories and the right mix and amount of nutrients. Therefore, we should realize that the correct diet program suitable for this Cieza must meet four basic requirements:

1. Sufficient intake of quality protein.

Receiving quality protein in sufficient quantity plays a crucial role in the process of increasing weight and shipping of quality muscle mass, because proteins are the basic building blocks for muscle tissue. Is also very important source of protein. animal protein in the first place, because it contains protein of high biological value and high content of essential amino acids. Protein body received in the form of food in the body decomposed into amino acids and then transported by the blood to the muscle cells. The main objective is to achieve a positive nitrogen balance in muscle cells, which means that it is assimilated more protein than is released. The best sources of protein are meat (beef, poultry, fish), eggs and dairy products. Required amount of protein depends on the weight of the athlete, but on average ranges from 2 to 3 g protein per kg body weight / day. Higher doses are unnecessary because an unnecessary burden on the digestive tract. Bodybuilder weighing 100 kg, therefore, needs to receive daily 200-350 g protein. Is obvious that such a dose of protein to be broken down into more courses. Since 1 gram of protein has an energy value of 4.1 kcal (calories) should the bodybuilder weighing 100 kg daily take 800 to 1400 kcal in the form of protein.

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2. Sufficient intake of complex carbohydrates.

The importance of complex carbohydrates in the diet of bodybuilders is often emphasized. It certainly does not just happen by accident. Complex carbohydrates provide us with a constant supply of energy, which is very important in maintaining a steady blood sugar level, in order to prevent protein changed into energy (catabolism), and are an important factor in the process of fat loss. The preferred sources of complex carbohydrates are: rice, oatmeal, whole grain bread, pasta and vegetables. The total daily amount of carbohydrate taken should be around 600 to 900 grams, which corresponds (at the energy value of carbohydrates 4.1 calories per gram) daily values of 2400 to 3600 kcal in the form of carbohydrates. 85% of them should be in the form of complex carbohydrates and the remaining 15% in the form of simple carbohydrates, mainly fruit.

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3. Sufficient intake of calories.

Bodybuilder who trains daily and take only 2000 - 3000 calories per day is not even surprised when recording any gains in weight and volume. If you've ever seen a massive bodybuilders using steroids during the bulk phase, we certainly agree with you that the day they eat an awful lot - 1/2 kg of meat a bounty of rice, dozens of eggs, vegetables and a few liters of protein and carbohydrate drinks is nothing unusual. If you want to be great, you have to eat a lot - it is a favorite slogan among bodybuilders who understand that diet is 75% of bodybuilding success. If you are healthy, you have a normal metabolism, train hard and regularly, you gain weight and you take anabolic steroids, so surely you closer to your goal if you forget the fact that the caloric intake of about 4000 kcal and more will ensure that you will successfully move forward.

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4. Eating regularly at the same time.

This point is quite often neglected because it requires a high degree of discipline, motivation and long-term planning. I suggest that you join together your diet plan and your daily schedule and passed it without compromise. Eat 7 times a day, or at least 5 - 6, on the same time. It does not matter whether you are hungry or not, whether you are traveling, you're at work or with friends, at five o'clock you know it's time for your fifth meal to eat. Regular meals at short intervals (2 -3 hours) will ensure continuous release of insulin, which is important for a fruitful transport of amino acids into the muscle cells and the body as still remains in anabolizme (ideal for scooping the status of matter). Irregular meals, missed meals or a few large meals daily for the bulk phase of your training inadequate. The effectiveness of the system board and outlined the main lines is based on two basic essential requirements: motivation and discipline. This really shows how much you desire to build a large amounts of power, and how much you want to achieve this goal. Those of you who do not have enough motivation and discipline leave the system after a few weeks and will return again to a comfortable eating habits. Bodybuilders with a clear idea of their goals, a great deal of dedication, discipline and a strong psyche survive this mess in the system (although often dull) months and even years. However, it will cost them and reciting the other hand will surely be rewarded.