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Weight loss - what is it? Science or banality? |

Weight loss - what is it? Science or banality? |

Weight loss - what is it? Science or banality?

Losing weight is a simple process. Weapon is perseverance in this process.

"From tomorrow the poor"
"Even now I break a diet"
"But I'm a man, I have to eat something."
Are we known these sentences? You may have read a lot of similar lines already. The truth is that weight loss is a very simple process. However, despite the simplicity, you can not lose weight.
The basis for understanding weight loss is a very simple principle, which is well known, everyone knows about it and we all know it - well, it nevertheless takes note of the very few people.
"Caloric intake must be less than the caloric expenditure" or conversely "calorie expenditure must exceed calorie intake" always result in weight reduction. It's a personal decision each of us which type you select.
And in terms of practice, personal trainer rather prefer the second definition as it first gives the impression of "do not eat and you will lose weight", the second "chairs, you can eat and you will lose weight." Anyway, in both it is essentially the same effect and a reduction in body weight. Who you choose which option it's up to him alone.
Appropriate adjustment of diet with a minimum of movement and use of supplements does after 3-4 weeks, with the body almost wonders. Several examples can be found on our website in the section References.
The reduction in addition to control calorie intake and expenditure can support a variety of foods that promote either digestion or fat burning. Using different principles than the minimum training to use maximum calories burned. The fact that decides on weight loss success is perseverance. It is almost amazing how fast they give up. 2-3 days eat yogurt and salad. We stand on weight and only 0.5 kilograms less. "Down with it, anyway I am not fat loss."
If you are familiar stop this situation, and try to think. Kilograms of wearing wear on the body did not get within a few days and possibly even weeks. These are the months and years to overeating and inactivity (physical inactivity).
Since the vast majority of us has a job: If you go to work all month and they do the job correctly and honestly, you will receive payment for the full month of honest work. If you work in a few days and even the days that you spend at work do not do anything special, you get a paycheck for a few days does an exceptional job.

If you convert the same situation applies to weight loss just the same.

Why we do not want to accept? In this work, we have in fact learned that "it should be done" at home but do not need anything. There's not just on our free will. And therefore we choose the easier "way."

Big help in losing weight may be suitably selected nutritional supplements that are becoming increasingly preferred. However, there are still plenty of people, especially the older generation condemned unjustly (this does not mean that you would have had to build their weight loss).
Of the available materials and the studies it can be argued that nutritional supplements available in our market must meet more and more demanding criteria than some products available in any pharmacy or the food itself. In particular, the necvičencov or people with some physical activity is proven combination of CLA (linoleic acid) and a base material similar to the amino acid that is endogenous L-Carnitine.
Both supplements are working on the principle of burning fat and partly acceleration of metabolic processes, including thermogenesis (more heat consumes more fuel) body.
Good layout diet and training should be to get started. And after the beginning you persevere.
One thing that is very important - all the options and weight loss attempts must come out of your free will and decision.
As a personal trainer is often faced with a situation where the need for weight loss comes from a partner, parent, loved one ... If the attempt weight loss efforts friend, partner, family or anyone else except you, the effect is almost always zero. Rather let the beginning of the process takes longer any need to "their stuff" for some time. And when you start, start for himself. | Online Steroid Shop - Buy Steroids - Cheap Steroids for sale


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