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7x Alpha and Omega building muscle mass or you need to know |

7x Alpha and Omega building muscle mass or you need to know |

7x Alpha and Omega building muscle mass or you need to know

Building and muscle growth is very individual, some laws are applicable in all.

Patterns of muscle building are the same for everyone. Yes, as humans, we are all different, but we all have the same thing. We sleep, eat, breathe and love. It also has the muscle building some immutable laws, which can get the most out of each of us.

1. Make sure the muscles enough calories

Muscle growth is subject to adequate food. Muscles grow (or not grow) according to how many calories you give them available. If the body does not have enough calories to "their" survival processes, build muscle in the true sense of the word does not occur.
If your calorie requirement of 3000 kcal. And you prijímete this amount or less, for muscle-building material does not remain. If you want that event to promote muscle growth, increase your daily intake by 300 to 400 calories. The amount of practice was enough.
Permanent intake of 3000 calories and less muscle building does not occur even if these calories will come with the highest quality sources.
In short, if you want to build muscles and increase the need for more calories than daily living. And these "extra" calories will be accepted after creating incentives used to generate muscle.

2. Train hard

Hard training is the foundation of your success "conformation". The muscles grow only on the stimulus. The more pronounced this stimulus, the more significant anabolic (muscle growth) will be invoked.
No or poor, substandard muscles will not grow if you gym "just" visit. Whole groups of visitors come in the gym, something coating, printing and leave something ... and therefore have no significant muscles, not big and not vyrysované.
Result (muscle growth) thus fails. After sufficient nourish (point # 1) you must destroy muscles literally. Thus muscles are destroyed for their regeneration require those mentioned above, in addition received calories to make up the other major muscles.
Muscle growth is the process of muscle regeneration after its destruction by the previous (training) and subsequent nourish (extra calories).

3. Rest for

Rest is often a stumbling block. Mountain range on it is not at all a problem. Rest, at rest and regenerate regenerate a matter of course, that the mountains there are likely many people. Especially those busy work and family.
From time to time visit men (very occasionally women), who for many years practicing. Or in the training process, they are returning after years of inactivity, whether for family or work reasons.
"I tested it years ago! I work out everything as before and even more, I eat everything as before and even better, but still like I can not move from the place. "
They're done XY times. And it always worked. But now it just does not work as well as it could. During the study, and no family almost always we have more time for yourself. This does not mean that it is time that Prespa. Sleep is just one option of rest. Broader sense of rest you can read in the next point.

4. Be cool

The border between rest and comfort is possible for someone small. Physical rest is not the same as the rest mentally. As a personal trainer and entrepreneur, he even hectic days (especially in the early days) was very particular on at least 7-8 hours sleep every day. I know that rest is very important also to my condition and performance rose steadily. After a while but I started to stagnate.
I observe dietary, training habits and 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep. My training regime, and condition the muscles over time began to stagnate and then decline. I groped as possible. Lead me all known factors affecting my performance adequately controlled. But it was not so.
Especially in management positions encounter the same error. Excellent regime, diet, training, getting enough sleep (although he also often absent). But progress does not occur, set stagnation and even deterioration of performance, whether in training or on the body (muscles).
In this case, the solution mitigation hectic days. The "cool" is the key progress very busy people.

5. Use supplements

Use additional supplementation (supplements) is an excellent solution busy people. It is not a necessity as you might think someone.
But if they are used as nutritional supplements nutritional supplements and not as a main dish or device on which you will build your endeavors will bring you a lot of positives.
Protein gainer or protein bar after training at a time when you do not have immediate access to a good (or at least some) food is a great solution.

6. Drink water

The water is almost as much as sleeping or relaxed mode. So important and obvious that many of us fail. Studies show that 25-30% of people are under-hydrated daily, while 15% is consistently under-hydrated.
Without enough water in the body not only you complain about the process for burning fat and increase muscle. It leads to impaired blood circulation, reducing the body's ability to transport nutrients, not least by the time the permanent dehydration of chronic diseases including kidney stones.
This phenomenon occurs at very small but long term dehydration, which may prove very innocent.

7. Repeat the process

Well dine.
Train hard,
Take rest,
Be cool
Use appropriate supplements,
Drink water and
The whole process over and over again.
He wants all your time. Even with the right job takes a while to bring results, as well as in the studio, in partnership, family, business ...
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