TOPlist Protein bars, healthy sweetness or fraud? |
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Protein bars, healthy sweetness or fraud? |

Protein bars, healthy sweetness or fraud? |

Protein bars, healthy sweetness or fraud?

Protein bars "healthy" sweet or good marketing?

Protein bars are just trends. They are seen as miraculous seasonings or food waste. Both views are mistaken, however.
Since our company is dedicated to the wholesale sale of protein bars Biotech USA Go Protein Bar (among others), and currently supplies around 70 different types of plants, I am daily faced with the question what is the truth about protein bars.
Protein bars are good for weight loss?
Rather no than yes. Protein bars like other bars contain many carbohydrates. The content of these sugars by manufacturers as a reduction of the impact of better quality chocolate and a higher protein content, which reduces leaching of insulin after their consumption.
Weight loss although not an absolute must, decides caloric intake. Protein bars Biotech USA Go Protein Bar has 40 grams 169CZK. 35 g horalka has 190Kè.
For this "caloric" perspective, protein bar diétnejšia as Horalka. This does not mean that it is diet food.
They are good? It is worth to us to sell / consume?
Perhaps this alibi importance: whether good or protein bar must not say every man for himself. As for the taste, they are also great and people are often surprised by what are tasty and filling. In terms of content, from my point of view, protein bar is certainly a better option than other "ordinary" sweetness.
Is not it all just chemistry with marketing?
Or chemical treatment. food treatment which are used in the production of a protein bar are different as compared to other kinds of candy. From this perspective it is better nor worse.
When I eat protein bars grow my muscles?
Certainly not grow muscles from eating protein bars. Protein, respectively. presence of nutrients in the protein bar can suitably complement the daily intake of protein. To increase muscle training is important, and then the appropriate way of nutrition (diet). Eating protein bars in this sense, only one piece of a large puzzle.
I eat protein bars as a replacement for a small meal?
Certainly yes. Apple and protein bar often use as a snack. I also have personal experience with that zaneprádzený during the day I ate 8 protein bars with apples and moreover nothing. This is far from optimal. As it is a delicious and very easy (practical) meals you need to be careful that you did not like something. If you use protein bars as a snack also undoubtedly even stricter diet regime. Protein bars should not, however, become the main meal of your days.
Your definitive and concise view on protein bars?
This is a tasty and practical tastand. The higher protein content of the diverse especially athletes. Reasonably serves the purpose and the "non-sportspeople." This is not a miracle but not on anything inferior. | Online Steroid Shop - Buy Steroids - Cheap Steroids for sale

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