TOPlist Confirmed: Regular exercise maintains the youthfulness and prevents disease |
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Confirmed: Regular exercise maintains the youthfulness and prevents disease |

Confirmed: Regular exercise maintains the youthfulness and prevents disease |

Confirmed: Regular exercise maintains the youthfulness and prevents disease

The study, which reaffirms the need for physical exercise, not only for your better look.

The beneficial effects of exercise on our body are known. But we know specifically what brings us regular training? What is the benefit and strengthening of physical exercise?

Most of us know that aerobic activity and anaerobic (endurance or strength training) is for us and our health beneficial effects.

What these beneficial effects of training in concrete terms?

Workout to keep their hearts "fit", you prevent obesity and a wide range of diseases such as. heart disease and diabetes. For some, it may be interesting that physical training suppresses stress, worry and depression. Even experts are increasingly recommended for physically train especially beneficial psychological effects.

How is it possible that physical training has such an effect?

A recent study found that regular physical training to prevent deterioration of cognitive function (thinking) during aging. The authors of this study have said "Aging is often accompanied by brittleness and loss of cognition. In recent years, growing evidence associated with physical activity and the development of dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. "

Find out how physical activity affects cognition researchers have been tested on animals.

Mice are one year old in this study alternative equivalent of human middle age. These mice were observed "how to train" on running wheels and their brains were then examined. The final examination was carried out after the age of 60 years corresponds to the physical equivalent of age in humans.

Where such studies observing that train running wheel mice to come?

Viewed mouse "took place" in a running wheel about three kilometers in one night. Found was that the mice showed greater motivation and better ability to perform certain tasks, such as is typically observed in mice of the same age. Their brain capacity for private purposes and solving problems was greater.

The second knowledge was found there followed pericytes lower losses in the brain in connection with age. Pericytes include blood vessels and cells surrounding capillary network in the brain. Simplicity - allow you to get and keep the right amount of blood in the brain. Insufficient blood circulation is the first prerequisite for making the right nutrients for brain nutrition.

With similar studies and similar results we have already had the opportunity to meet. However, it is necessary to do further research in order to understand this connection. The results are the least important.

US scientists said, "More than five million people in the United States suffer from Alzheimer's disease and is expected to number 10 million will be humbled in the next 20 years. To promote treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, diseases related to aging and in particular Alzheimer's disease, it is essential to better understand the factors that contribute to aging. "


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      Dan Whethers
      Jan 12, 2018

      Yes great that this research is helping towards Alzheimer. I think it is even worth it to use sufferers as guinea pigs as most don't have a much to lose. My grandad has suffered many years with this and it is hear breaking for the family. I have used various peptides myself and found that not only to build muscle mass and strength but do improve my memory. I have used various types and all of them have made improvements to my physic. I do know though that they need to be used alongside a strict diet and good workout. At 45 like i said i forget things and do worry as this disease is in the family. Using peptides has also helped me, so I find myself now remembering much more than i used too, which pleases the wife. It is good research is still going on.

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